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Sports Betting Glossary of Terms

Getting started in sportsbetting can sometimes feel like you’re learning a new language, with its unique set of terms and phrases that can be baffling to newcomers. To help demystify this world, we've put together a glossary of essential sports betting terms. It's designed to make the complex simple, turning jargon into clear, easy-to-understand language.

This resource is for everyone, whether you're just starting out or looking to brush up on your betting terminology. Our aim is to provide a helpful and accessible guide that enhances your understanding of sports betting.

Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome. If there's a term you encounter that's not covered here, let us know. We're committed to evolving and updating this glossary to ensure it remains a valuable tool for all sports bettors.


  1. Accumulator: Similar to a parlay, involves multiple bets tied together. All bets must win for the accumulator to pay out.
  2. Across the Board: In horse racing, a bet on a horse to win, place, and show.
  3. Action: A bet or wager.
  4. Agent: An intermediary who places bets on behalf of others, often for a commission.
  5. Alternative Line: A variant of the standard point spread or total, with adjusted odds.
  6. American Odds: A format displaying odds with a plus or minus sign to indicate favorites or underdogs.
  7. Arbitrage: A strategy involving betting on all possible outcomes across different sportsbooks to guarantee a profit.
  8. Asian Handicap: In soccer betting, handicaps set in goal increments to offset the possibility of a draw.
  9. ATS (Against the Spread): Refers to a team's performance compared to the point spread.


  1. Backdoor Cover: A late, unexpected event causing the game to cover the spread.
  2. Bad Beat: A bet that loses unexpectedly, often due to a last-minute event.
  3. Bankroll: The total amount of money set aside for betting.
  4. Bankroll Management: Strategically managing the size and frequency of bets.
  5. Beard: Someone who places bets on behalf of another to conceal identity.
  6. Betting Exchange: A marketplace where bettors wager against each other rather than the bookmaker.
  7. Bitcoin: A cryptocurrency often used for transactions in online sportsbooks.
  8. Bonus: Incentives offered by sportsbooks, such as free bets or deposit matches.
  9. Book/Bookie/Bookmaker: An individual or organization that accepts bets.


  1. Cash Out: Withdrawing winnings or the remaining balance from a sportsbook account.
  2. Chalk: Slang for the favorite in a betting scenario.
  3. Chalk Eater: A bettor who frequently bets on favorites.
  4. Chasing: The act of trying to recover losses by betting more.
  5. Circle Game: A game with lowered betting limits, usually due to uncertainties like injuries.
  6. Closing Line: The final odds offered before a game or event begins.
  7. Consensus: The majority opinion or most popular side of a bet.
  8. Contrarian: Betting against the majority or public opinion.
  9. Correlated Parlay: A parlay bet where the outcomes are believed to be related.
  10. Cover: Winning a bet against the point spread.


  1. Decimal Odds: A common odds format in Europe, showing total payout per unit staked.
  2. Degenerate: A derogatory term for a compulsive gambler.
  3. Dime: Slang for a $1,000 bet.
  4. Dime Line: A betting line with a 10-cent spread, common in baseball betting.
  5. Dog: Short for underdog, the team or individual less likely to win.
  6. Dollar: Betting slang for $100.
  7. Double Chance: A bet allowing two outcomes for a win, common in soccer.
  8. Draw: A tie in a sporting event, common in soccer and boxing.


  1. Early Cash Out: An option to settle a bet before the event concludes.
  2. Earn: The bookmaker's hold or profit percentage.
  3. Edge: The perceived advantage a bettor has over the bookmaker.
  4. European Odds: Another term for decimal odds.
  5. Even Money: A bet where the potential win equals the stake.
  6. Exacta: A horse racing bet predicting the first and second-place finishers.
  7. Exotic: A bet that isn't a straight bet or parlay; often a prop bet.
  8. Expected Value (EV): The anticipated value of a bet over the long term.
  9. Exposure: The amount a sportsbook potentially stands to lose on a bet.


  1. Favorite: The team or player expected to win.
  2. Field: An option in futures betting representing all competitors not listed individually.
  3. First-Half/Quarter Line: Odds for the first half or quarter of a game.
  4. Flat: Refers to a bet with standard odds of -110.
  5. Form: A guide providing statistical data, especially in horse racing.
  6. Fractional Odds: Odds displayed as fractions, common in the UK.
  7. Futures: Bets placed on events that will happen in the future, like championships.


  1. Getting Down: Placing a bet.
  2. Giving the Points: Betting on the favorite to cover the spread.
  3. Grand Salami: An over/under bet for the total score of all games on a given day.


  1. Halftime Line: Odds offered at halftime, based only on the second half's outcome.
  2. Handicapper: Someone who analyzes sports events to predict outcomes.
  3. Handle: Total amount of money wagered on a game or event.
  4. Heater: A winning streak.
  5. Hedge: Placing bets on opposite sides to guarantee a profit or minimize loss.
  6. High Roller: A bettor who wagers large amounts of money.
  7. Hold: The percentage of money the sportsbook retains on a given wager.
  8. Home-field Advantage: The perceived benefit of playing on home turf.
  9. Hook: Half a point in betting spreads, crucial in close games.


  1. In-Play Betting: Also known as live betting, placing bets during an event.
  2. In the Money: In horse racing, a horse that finishes in the top three.


  1. Jackpot: A large prize, often in a pool betting scenario or contest.
  2. Jockey: In horse racing, the rider of the horse.
  3. Joint Favorites: When two competitors share the lowest odds in an event.
  4. Juice: The bookmaker's commission on a bet, also known as vig or vigorish.


  1. Key Number: Significant numbers in sports betting, particularly in football.
  2. Knockout (KO): In boxing, winning by incapacitating the opponent.


  1. Laying the Points: Betting on the favorite in a point spread.
  2. Layoff: Sportsbooks betting with another bookmaker to balance action and reduce risk.
  3. Liability: The amount a bookmaker stands to lose on an event.
  4. Limit: The maximum bet accepted by a sportsbook.
  5. Line Movement: Changes in betting lines due to various factors.
  6. Linemaker: The individual responsible for setting betting lines or odds.
  7. Lines: The offered odds or point spread on a game or event.
  8. Live Betting: Wagering on an event while it is in progress.
  9. Lock: A perceived easy win or near-guaranteed successful bet.


  1. Margin: The amount a team wins or loses by.
  2. Matched Betting: A strategy using free bets to guarantee a profit, regardless of outcome.
  3. Middle: Winning both sides of a bet by exploiting line movements.
  4. Money Management: Strategic management of betting funds to minimize losses.
  5. Moneyline: A straight bet on a team or player to win an event.
  6. Mush: A bettor considered to bring bad luck.
  7. Mutuel Pool: The total amount bet into a pool in horse racing.


  1. Nickel: Slang for a $500 bet.
  2. No Action: A bet where no money is won or lost, often due to cancellation.
  3. Novelty Bet: Wagering on non-sporting events, like political elections or award shows.


  1. Odds-on Favorite: A heavily favored competitor with odds less than even money.
  2. Oddsmaker: The person setting the betting lines or odds.
  3. Off the Board (OTB): A game that bookmakers are not accepting bets on.
  4. Opening Line: The initial betting line set for an event.
  5. Outright Bet: A bet on a competitor to win an entire event, not just one match.
  6. Over: A bet that the total score will be higher than the sportsbook's prediction.
  7. Overlay: A situation where the odds are more favorable to bettors than to the house.
  8. Over/Under: A bet on whether the combined score will be over or under a set amount.


  1. Parlay: A single bet linking two or more wagers; all must win for the bet to pay out.
  2. Payout: The amount paid on a winning bet.
  3. Pick/Pick'em: A game with no clear favorite; bettors simply pick the winner.
  4. Point Spread: A handicap used to create a more even betting field.
  5. Prop Bet (Proposition Bet): A wager on specific occurrences within an event, not tied to the outcome.
  6. Public Money: Bets predominantly placed by casual bettors.


  1. Quarter Bet: A wager on the outcome of a specific quarter in a game.
  2. Quinella: In horse racing, a bet on two horses to finish first and second, in any order.


  1. Rebate: A refund or cashback offer based on betting activity.
  2. ROI (Return on Investment): A measure of the profitability of bets.
  3. Round Robin: A bet consisting of multiple parlays.
  4. Runner: Someone who places bets for others, especially professionally.


  1. Sharp: An experienced, professional sports bettor known for making smart bets.
  2. Square: A novice or casual bettor, often making less informed bets.
  3. Stake: The amount of money placed on a bet.
  4. Steam: A sudden, drastic movement in a betting line due to heavy wagering on one side.
  5. Straight Bet: A single wager on a game or event, as opposed to a parlay or teaser.
  6. Straight Up (SU): Betting on a team or individual to win outright, regardless of the point spread.
  7. Sucker Bet: A wager with poor odds for the bettor, often appearing too good to be true.
  8. Superfecta: In horse racing, a bet predicting the first four finishers in exact order.
  9. Sweat: Experiencing nervousness or anxiety while waiting for the outcome of a bet.


  1. Taking the Points: Betting on an underdog in a point spread bet.
  2. Teaser: A type of parlay bet where the bettor adjusts the point spreads in their favor, but at reduced odds.
  3. Ticket: The physical or digital record of a bet.
  4. Total: The combined score of both teams in a game, used in Over/Under bets.
  5. Tout (Service): A person or service providing betting picks and advice, often for a fee.


  1. Under: Betting that the total score in a game will be below a specified number.
  2. Underdog: The team or individual considered less likely to win.
  3. Underlay: A bet where the odds are less favorable than the actual chance of winning.


  1. Value: Finding a bet that has higher odds than you believe it should.
  2. Vig/Vigorish: The commission or fee taken by the sportsbook, often factored into the odds.


  1. Wager: Another term for a bet.
  2. Welch: Failing to pay out or honor a bet.
  3. Wire-to-Wire: A term used when a team leads a game from start to finish.


  • X-Factor: An unpredictable or unforeseen variable that can affect the outcome of a bet or game.


  1. Yield: The percentage of profit or loss from a series of bets.
  2. Yankee: A type of bet involving four selections and 11 separate bets: six doubles, four trebles, and a fourfold accumulator.


  1. Zebras: Slang for the referees or officials in a game.
  2. Zig-Zag Theory: A betting strategy that suggests betting on a team to bounce back after a loss, particularly in a playoff series.
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